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Why Choose College of Business Administration?

The College of Business Administration prepares students to assume a wide range of professional positions through an innovative curriculum and world-class international faculty. Faculty members use their proven record of research and/or an extensive business background to help students to develop the abilities necessary to succeed in a global economy. Graduates will have succeeded mastering an integrated and comprehensive curriculum that balances both applied experience and academic theory, and rigorous liberal arts coursework that adds an extra dimension to prepare them for a successful professional and personal life. Graduates will have developed and demonstrated critical professional capacities such as written and verbal communication skills, analytical abilities, multi-cultural competence, and team-building capabilities based on a mindset of social responsibility, and will be adequately provided with the expertise, knowledge, skills, and traits to become a contributor to the accomplishment of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030.

Graduates will be able to:

COBA 1: Recognize and describe theories of individual and group behaviors and their relationship with the internal functioning of the organization.

COBA 2: Evaluate ethics, professional codes of conduct, corporate governance, and corporate social responsibility and Identify ethical problems that occur in business and society

COBA 3: Apply business research skills, practice, and strategies in the fields of management, marketing, accounting, finance, economics, and e-commerce

COBA 4: Produce effective business reports and deliver effective oral presentations using a range of media in professional and social situations

COBA 5: Use information technology to acquire information, and investigate, analyze and provide solutions to business problems.

COBA 6: Conduct effective analytical and critical thinking to analyze and synthesize information to make appropriate business-related decisions and create evidence-based solutions to business problems or opportunities.

COBA 7: Utilize effective problem-solving skills and decision-making using numeracy, appropriate quantitative and qualitative skills, including data analysis, interpretation, and extrapolation to issues and problems in business

COBA 8: Execute professional responsibilities effectively in both local and international contexts.

COBA 9: Demonstrate effective and collaborative interpersonal skills in a team setting to accomplish tasks and achieve group goals.

COBA 10: Apply leadership skills and competencies in business situations through recognizing the influence of multiple aspects of leadership across diverse organizational contexts