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Why Choose College of Business Administration?
Students are the core heart of the College of Business Administration. From students’ orientation to graduation ceremony, we make every effort to ensure that the students experience at the College of Business Administration a fruitful and enjoyable one, both in terms of future career and own personal development.
The College of Business Administration has created a student centered environment where we can sustain personalized approach to higher education by offering small classes, international faculty, up-to-date technology and supportive relationships between faculty and students. We cultivate in our students a critical cast of mind, a respect for diversity, an understanding of their own and other values. We promote an international curriculum with the local flavor to enhance their career development.
These six learning outcomes are intended to ensure that the College of Business Administration’s students also will possess knowledge and abilities associated with mastery of the theoretical structures and methodologies of academic disciplines and professional competencies. This will further enhance their ability to function effectively as a practitioner and scholar in a selected field. In addition, a degree from Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University means access to:
  • Some of the world’s best faculty
  • A growing network of prestigious alumni
  • Top firms, companies, and government organizations.
  • Great academic and career advising
  • The best preparation for a professional career in various disciplines
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