Student Outcomes
  1. Analyze, Design, Develop, and Evaluate legal research and apply valid and reliable results to a range of situations
  2. Analyze and  interpret complex legal cases and reports.
  3. Apply the skills, principles, theories, and concepts of national and international legal systems and applying the procedures of critical thinking, creativity, and innovation in addressing and assessing issues and problems in the legal field in particular and in life as a whole
  4. Communicate legal ideas, concepts and principles effectively and creatively through various communication means
  5. Demonstrate and Construct a comprehensive knowledge, skills and abilities in the legal field
  6. Demonstrate proficiency in communication on the discourse level, critical and problem solving, creativity, innovation, professionalism, working with others in teams, leadership, project management, and research
  7. Demonstrate taking the responsibilities of their lifelong learning process and professional development
  8. Evaluate and Ensure the reliability and validity of the collected resources that guide his/her professional practice
  9. Investigate and resolve complex legal and life-based issues and problems using multiple sources and drawing valid and reliable outcomes
  10. Use ICT effectively in the legal field and in a range of other situations
  11. Use mathematical and statistical techniques in the analysis and interpretation of complex legal and business related issues and select proper means to communicate the results to the targeted audience(s
  12. Work ethically, professionally, and productively as a group member or as a group leader