Program Objectives
  • Provide future workforce with a plethora of legal case studies and content that have the potential to benchmark  the national legal system with  the international legal trends.
  • Implement a constructivist approach to teaching and learning that leads students to develop the critical thinking attributes of lawyers,  researchers, and lifelong learners
  • Open new horizons for students to understand the self in relation and cooperation with the intellectual, ideological, and legal different other.
  • Instill in our students the willingness to go beyond the norm and beyond their natural and inevitable prejudice to see and understand the other legal world views.
  • Allow students to develop a socio cultural sense of care, responsiveness, open mindedness and sensibility which are all attributes of efficient lawyers and legal consultants that today’s business market is looking for.
  • Instill in students a sense of ethics, scholarship, and leadership of the legal profession.
  • Advance students’ legal communication skills and competencies.
  • Advance lifelong learning skills and competencies of leadership, teamwork, critical thinking and problem solving, team works, creativity, innovation, time and project management, and global awareness.
  • Provide students with quality legal education that advances their employability.