Program Mission
The law program is designed to:
  • Provide students with high quality and internationally-oriented legal education that continuously seeks and values self-reflexivity and evaluation;
  • Give students the opportunity to learn about national and international trends of the world of law; and maintain an intellectually challenging teaching and learning environment that stimulates students to consider the law as a skill and a way of thinking and reading the world and promote an exploration of national and international legal areas of research that contribute to the legal awareness of the local community;
  • Prepare legal practitioners for the practice and application of the law in 21st Century. The PMU learner -centered teaching and learning approach opens new horizons for students to understand the self in relation the intellectual and ideological different other. This type of thinking, which the law program promotes, allows students to develop a socio-cultural sense of care, responsiveness, open mindedness and sensibility which are all attributes of efficient lawyers and legal consultants that today’s business market is looking for.