A Message from the Dean
Dean of Department of LAW Welcome to the PMU College of Law! Let me introduce you to our college and explain to you why learning law at PMU is a unique and rich experience.

The study of law at PMU is distinguished in different ways. Our program takes a comparative approach that is founded on solid understanding of the legal system of Saudi Arabia. It is a bilingual program, taught in Arabic and English. We aim to prepare our students to be ‘international citizens’ who are acquainted with personal and professional skills that enables them to work and socially interact in an international context. Not only does the curriculum comprise international and comparative law components, but also our faculty is truly international, bringing profound legal knowledge and experience from different countries.

We aspire to be one of the leading colleges of law in the region with international recognition and reputation. Our mission is to foster justice and serve the community through innovative legal education that trains our students to be efficient legal practitioners who act professionally and ethically in representing their clients but also who are committed to justice and community service.

At PMU’s College of Law, we are committed to excellence in teaching and ensuring our students a rich and profession-tailored learning experience. With a competence-based learning, our faculty members utilize creative and interactive teaching methods. And they provide advisory and support to our students in their offices as well as through various meetings and activities in Campus.

Our students are largely engaged. As much as they are dedicated to learning law, students are also engaged in extra-curricular activities, international visits and competitions, and in serving the community through various activities, including a legal clinic.

By successfully completing the law program at PMU, you will join PMU’s alumni who, according to data and statistics, lead their career paths in various areas. Our Web Site offers data regarding enrolment, student retention, achievement of learning outcomes, which demonstrates the success of our program.

Our College also endeavors to produce quality research that examines the law in its wider economic and social context. In this regard, our College reaches out to partners and invites famous experts to lecture and enrich our intellectually simulating environment.

I and my colleagues look forward to welcoming you to PMU College of Law.

Dr. Mohammad Bashayreh,