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A Message From The Chairs
Chair of the College of LAW The Department of Law at Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University was established in 2011 in order to meet the increasing demand for law graduates in the labor market in Saudi Arabia and the region. The Department of Law has, since then, strived to offer an excellent and well-rounded education that is in line with the vision of the university as a whole. In furthering this vision, the Department of Law has also strived to ensure that the program complements not only the needs of Saudi society, but also the needs of the region and the global community as a whole. For this reason, the Department was specifically designed with this new reality in mind, and was among the first in Saudi Arabia and in the region to offer legal education in both English and Arabic.

The Department strives to produce students that are highly capable and competent in the legal field. Furthermore, the D works hard to ensure it students engage in legal research, in addition to being able to critically analyze and discuss statutory law and court decisions and suggest solutions to complex legal problems. In furthering these goals, the methodology of the Department is grounded critical analysis and innovative thinking. In addition, the degree plan offers students the ability to engage in practical training, requiring them to train in the field and also offering the chance to participating in mock trial competitions. Thereby, equipping students with the necessary skills to become practicing attorneys, judges, public prosecutors, etc. In the near future, the department plans to offer a new degree program titled ‘International Legal Studies.’ This program will be taught exclusively in English. Keeping in line with Vision 2030, which aims to further connect Saudi Arabia to the world, the management of the university has authorized the creation of the degree program that will produce graduates able to facilitate the accomplishment of this major goal. Additionally, the department also plans to offer master’s degrees in Law in the near future, with specializations in International and Commercial law.

In conclusion, the university has worked to ensure that it contributes to the development and success of the Kingdom. For this reason, it has concentrated on developing its students and producing graduates that are well placed to contribute and play a role in the kingdom’s future goals.

Dr. Mazen Raad
Chair of the College of LAW