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HCERES Academic Accreditation
The Bachelor program in law is fully accredited by the French High Council for the Evaluation of Research and Higher Education (HCERES) for five years 2020-2025.
HCERES Academic Accreditation The academic accreditation measures the quality of academic program, the clarity and relevance of its objectives, and the level of achievement of its learning outcomes. The HCERES accreditation process involves the evaluation of: the aims of the program, the position of the program in relation to the national, regional and international environment, the content and teaching structure of the program, and the management and quality assurance of the program.
By confirming that the PMU BA program in law satisfies the accreditation criteria, HCERES assures existing and prospective students, employers, and the public in general of the quality of the program. The accreditation process is also a source of guidance for the College on its continuous improvement plans.

The following are quotes from the HCERES evaluation report and decision of accreditation of the BA Program in Law:

“The program of study provides students with the necessary legal knowledge in Saudi law, as well as in international law or common law. In addition, the program provides students with additional skills that are useful for employment or further study: practical skills and an excellent command of the English language.” (HCERES Decision of Accreditation, April 2020)
“The management of the program follows the latest international standard. It is well structured with a strong commitment to quality assurance.” (HCERES Decision of Accreditation, April 2020)
“The program is also characterized by two strong elements that give it a certain identity. First, a desire to open the student to the international dimension. Secondly, the College wants to develop students' knowledge of alternative dispute resolution.” (HCERES Evaluation Report, November 2019.)
“PMU has set objectives for the student in terms of acquiring knowledge and skills, but also more broadly as a citizen.” (HCERES Evaluation Report, November 2019.)
“The campus is modern and very well equipped. Learning is facilitated by the use of technology and a comprehensive library. The campus offers a real student life with clubs (including the law club), a nursery, sports facilities, a medical centre and cafeterias. All students, girls and boys, are gathered on the same campus and benefit from the same facilities.” (HCERES Evaluation Report, November 2019.)
“The program is managed according to the latest international standards. It is strongly committed to a culture of quality assurance.” (HCERES Evaluation Report, November 2019.)