(The beneficiaries of our services are the faculty, female students, departments and the guests of PMU)

  1. Develop strategies and ideas that insure the smoothness of transportations through awareness of the beneficiaries needs according to department's abilities and recourses. Implement the same and ensure it success.
  2. Develop good human relation and understanding with PMU- drivers.  is updated on policies and system and provides on- the- job training to the PMU- drivers.
  3. Recognize each team member’s capability, assign jobs accordingly for greater effectiveness, monitor progress of team members, and
    • Recommend vehicles and procedures to enhance productivity and efficiency, liaise with external support agencies, staff and management.
  4. Ensure that the beneficiaries get personal and quick attention. Rides are delivered on promised time to the beneficiaries. Thoroughly understand and deliver the beneficiaries needs and demands. Take charge of difficult beneficiaries and handle them to their satisfaction.
  5. Interact with the department manager on a daily basis to know the department loading. Pre- booking accordingly to ensure transportation efficiency and at time to prevent undue delay to rides delivery.
  6. Undergo thorough knowledge of company on- line system and understanding of company rules and procedures.
  7. Proper planning of work, time management and meeting deadlines successfully, guaranteeing that promises made to the beneficiaries are met.
  8. Possess basic knowledge of accounting, invoices handling etc.
  9. Monitor driver's attendance, discipline, and attitude, time scheduling and vacation plans to avoid inconvenience or overlap in transportations to ensure beneficiaries' satisfaction.
  10. Follow-up with the drivers and their affairs, their suggestions, and solve their problems.
  11. Follow-up with the attendance of the drivers and make sure if some circumstances happened and cause a delay or absence of one of them. Also we evaluate the performance of drivers monthly and annual and
  12. Encourage them to develop their skills like if they need to speed up in case if any emergency happen and face the vagaries of work.
  13. Study the budget revenue of Transportation Department from registration fees for students riding PMU buses.
  14. Problem Solving:
    • Expedite delayed / stalled jobs
    • Recommend improvement of system to management.