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Professional Development Center
The Professional Development Center exists to support broadly and specifically the professional growth of PMU personnel. It places in the place where PMU faculty, professional staff, and administrators go for professional development advice, assistance, and objective diagnosis to support excellence in teaching. The Professional Development Center promotes the effective use of instructional technology to advance student learning, and it uses these same technologies to further professional development. The center operates with the conviction that PMU is a learning community in which students, faculty, and all others are in pursuit of professional growth.


Appropriate activities and programs are conducted to achieve the following developments goals:
  • Operate in a manner consistent with Saudi cultural values.
  • Provide academic orientation services to all newly appointed PMU faculty, administrators, and staff.
  • Support and provide resources for the efforts of academic units to implement cross-curricular coordination.
  • Develop faculty to promote improved student learning in student-centered instruction and outcomes assessment.
  • Promote and provide resources for the strategic integration of instructional technology in all appropriate aspects of the PMU curriculum.
  • Promote and provide ongoing faculty development through programs, workshops, one-on-one mentoring, and the facilitation of faculty collaboration in the scholarship of teaching and learning.
  • Devise and help implement, in close collaboration with the Learning Resources Center, activities that support information literacy development.
  • Develop and aid in the implementation of approaches and instruments for the assessment of learning outcomes.
  • Provide special programming for administrator to enable them to better direct an institution founded on the precepts that guide PMU.
  • Maintain an active enrichment program that promotes academic and intellectual excellence across the PMU learning community.