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Information Technology Department
With the establishment of Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University’s technology operation, Information Technology Department (ITD) has developed to cater for the university evolution and its emerging needs. The Office of the Chief Information Officer has increasing its main services/sections supporting the entire PMU community, i.e. Management Information Services, Infrastructure Services, Academic Computing Services, Audio Visual Services and Web Center, in order to facilitate the use of the applied technologies and applications. These services of Information Technology Department at PMU bring us to where we are now and to give you a sense of the size and scope of operation, for which our responsible and commitment.

We are engaging in an enormous range of activities as we move toward cloud transformation in adapting new trending technologies in the digital era. The goal that we keep aflame in our heart to provide the University modern state of the arts technologies in the eastern province of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The Office of the Chief Information Officer is pleased to provide prompt and effective information technology services to faculty, students and staff that will help them to work effectively and efficiently.

Abdul Aziz Mohammad Abdul Saleem
Associate Chief Information Officer