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Investment on Campus
The long-term objective of Investment on campus department is to produce the highest investment return possible through achieving the following objectives
  1. Managing the investment operations to provide a stable, predictable, and growing stream of resources for current use in achieving PMU goals
  2. Investing the University's operating assets in a prudent manner that provides incremental cash flow with principal stability.
  3. Providing a source of investment on campus that serve students, faculty, and staff.

To open business in PMU you need to submit the following:
  1. submit an active CR from chamber of commerce.
  2. The Company should have an existing branch in the market.
  3. submit Company profile.
  4. submit a menu with price list that designed specifically to PMU community.
  5. submit the floor plan of the outlet with kiosk 3D design.
  6. submit the schedule of loads and the plan for the utilities.