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Rules and Regulation
These rules and regulation are incorporated into and made a part of the previous resident agreement between residents and PMU Housing Department concerning the premises commonly known and reference to as.


  • Littering, tossing or scattering of any material such as ashes, garbage, paper, dust or waste into, or upon any streets or public areas, vacant units, airshafts, backyards, main court, or alleys is illegal prohibited.
  • Throwing garbage out of windows (i.e., buildings or vehicles) is considered as violation.
  • Residents are required and must place their trash in a sealed plastic bag then into their designated garbage bins to be picked up by a compactor truck.
  • Residents should avoid throwing any oil or food waste into sink or drainage.
  • Throwing tissues into toilet bowl is strictly prohibited.
  • Avoid huge amount of water when cleaning the balcony, it will affect for the lower apartment.
  • Residents found violating the above rules will charged for SAR 500 as a fine.

Pets/Stray Animals

  • Residents who are pet-owners are fully responsible for ensuring that their pets do not create nuisance and must promptly clean up any waste caused by their pets.
  • Pet-owners are responsible for any residents complain regarding their pets. In case of any bodily harm (bite or scratch) caused by pets, the pet owner will be responsible of all the medical expenses incurred by the complainant. The provisions of this law do not apply to a guide dog accompanying any blind persons.
  • Residents are not allowed to feed stray cats or dogs within the residential compound. All stray animals should be reported to compound management immediately.

Designated Parking Spaces

  • Each villa has a garage or designated parking for one vehicle. All other parking is assigned for guests/visitors. All vehicles must be parked in designated parking areas only.
  • Be sure your guests/visitors park only in “guest spaces” and not in others designated parking area.
  • It is strictly prohibited to change vehicle oil/fluids or installation and repairs of vehicles that would require oil or fluids.
  • No resident may allow anyone under his/her care (agent, dependent or employee) to commit any violation. The committed violation will be put on the records as the resident’s.

Condition of Premises

  • Relocation of furniture and appliances is strictly prohibited. It is recommended to notify the housing management to provide the proper documentation and action.
  • Avoid making noise when moving any furniture to avoid complaint from the other tenant.
  • Any furniture of property damaged must be reported immediately to the Housing Department.
  • Residents are responsible for any damage resulting from improper use and possible abuse. In this case the Housing Department will estimate any due charges for deduction from the residents’ salaries or compensations if they exist, otherwise residents shall then settle such charges upon University demand.


  • Residents must inform the Compound Security Office about the their expected visitors prior to the arrival of the visitors and must provide the IDs. (such as IQAMA, IDs for safety)
  • Residents will be held responsible for their visitors to observe the Housing Rules & Regulations. Occupants shall not allow visitors to stay overnight in the compound/Building for more than two consecutive days without prior permission from the Housing Department. Occupants shall not leave their visitors unattended in the public areas of the compound/Building.


  • All air-conditions, lightings, cooking stoves water heaters and other electrical appliances must be switched off when not in use. Proper and safe usage of these appliances shall be occupant’s responsibility.
  • The occupant must inform the Housing Department for any required repairs and maintenance by submitting a maintenance request form.
  • For urgent repairs, the occupant must contact the Security Office at once for immediate action.
  • After housing maintenance services, the tenant must sign the form for maintenance services for housing files.
  • Residents are responsible if the upkeep of the appliances and furniture in their units. Replacement of broken or damaged furniture should be at their own expenses, Maintenance team will responsible only for repair tasks.
  • Housing Department is not responsible for any satellite problem. Housing fixed the satellite issues before he/she received the key for apartment.