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Academic Computing Services
Being the main interface to the PMU community, the Academic Computing Services (ACS) is a unit within Information Technology Department (ITD) that provides (internal & external) computing, audio visual and technical support services. With the IT Helpdesk, we offer technical support to faculty, students and staff. We provide support for various software and in-house applications, the latest windows operating system, email client services, audio visual services, classroom technology and more. ACS also imparts in managing the acquisition of IT hardware and software, securing maintenance agreements, securing warranties and certifying software license agreement.
Both Male & Female Campus are staffed by experienced IT professionals (technical support team) and their offices are located in a specific area across PMU Campuses to provide on-site or thru remote access technical support assistance to students, faculty and staff.
The technical support team can be reached thru email – or by phone (+966) (13) (849) (8888).
  1. Classrooms & Labs Technical Support

    Under the ACS, the Classrooms & Labs technical support team identifies and enables the adaptation of evolving technologies that advances teaching, learning and research. With coordination to the Academic Colleges, we review and test a wide range of technologies that can be adapted to enable faculty and students to be more creative and collaborative to achieve learning goals both inside and outside the traditional classroom.  We also focus on technologies that help instructors to make their lessons more engaging. The classroom & labs technical support team can be reached thru email – or by phone (+966) (13) (849) (8888).

    ACS focus on coordinating with the Academic Department / Colleges by responding to their requirements for their coursework.  These requirements were requested by ACS from the Colleges, where software will be collected, installed then master image will be prepared, tested and will be deployed thru DELL KACE management appliance to the corresponding Lab. 
    The College Lab is a specialized laboratory, classroom and demonstration facility where faculty, students and IT staff can review and experience the latest emerging technologies in action.  Locations are identified by specific Colleges that is convenient to students, faculty & staff.    The College Lab can also host faculty and student focus groups, vendor presentation and experiments to test new technologies that have potential use for PMU faculty and students.  Software and hardware availability in the labs are determined by the needs of student and faculty coursework.

    The following goals convey the standards and ideals that have become associated with the long-term administration of this operation
    • Promote quality education and retention of our students and faculty members through an improved physical environment
    • Remedy of classroom design flaws
    • Installation of higher quality classroom equipment.
    • An in-depth maintenance program
    • Modern furnishings and state of the art AV technology
    • Employee education/training

    Classroom Technology Services

    • Classroom/Lab Support
    • Immediate Classroom Response
    • Preventive Maintenance
    • Classroom Technology Training & Guidance
    • Portable AV Equipment Support
    • Learning Discussion / Conference and Video Conferencing
    • Creation, Installation, Maintenance
    • Desktop Administration/Maintenance
    • Printing Support (if required for coursework)
  4. End-user Technical Support

    Also a part of ACS, the End User technical support team provides technical support to students, faculty and staff for desktops, laptops, tablets, printers, and mobile devices etc.   Desktops / Laptops for faculty and staff are configured with a PMU standard desktop/laptop image installed with the updated Windows operating system, general desktop application and specialized software intended for learning.  Access to unified printing solution (Uniflow) were also provided to all PMU students, faculty & staff. 

    End User Support Services

    • Immediate office response thru onsite or remote desktop
    • General desktop / laptop repair and maintenance
    • Software installation, upgrade and data migration
    • Hardware installation, troubleshooting and compatibility assessment
    • Desktop / Laptop Administration and Maintenance
    • Unified printing solution access and support

    The end user technical support team can be reached thru email – or by phone (+966) (13) (849) (8888).


The IT-helpdesk is the University’s centralized support service desk for any IT related concerns.  Managed by an IT professional both in male & female campus, the IT-helpdesk can be reached thru email or by phone (+966) (13) 849-8888 and is available from Sunday thru Thursday from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM.
We will soon be launching the automated helpdesk system, the Manage Engine Service Desk Plus which will surely beneficial to the PMU community. 

Technical Support Workshop

Workshop for technical support team will be constructed and shall be placed at the most accessible area at the University. The workshop is designed to enhance hardware repairs, testing and modifications for PMU desktop & laptop computers, handheld devices, printers, scanners, projectors & audio visual equipment.

Audio Visual Services

Audio Visual Services is another unit under Information Technology Department. The AVS is always keen to provide service to all sections of the University, whether in the educational sections, administrative departments or visitors. In addition to the Audio / video systems in the main Auditorium, male & female lecture halls, there are also a number of display screens spread throughout the university, as well as in the cafeteria and corridors. Video conferencing systems and live broadcasters through the university channel on YouTube. In addition to the new projects on top of which the CCTV systems, which will cover all parts of the university, whether male & female campus, administration building and the existing employees housing. The CCTV project will also cover the new housing for employees.

Among the on-going projects of the AV section are:
  • The Student Support Center for male and Female, a creative and useful project to improve       students' Creative and educational capacities.
  • Moot court project.
  • Queuing system for female admission and Registration Area.
  • New meeting Room Project with highest standards and technology
  • 360 - degree screen in the cafeteria

The audio visual services team  can be reached thru email – or by phone (+966) (13) (849) (8888).