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University Research Council

The duties of the University Research Council are outlined below:
  1. Support and promote research, encourage creative activity of faculty, staff, and undergraduate students and post graduate students.
  2. Identify research priorities with the colleges and develop the Research Agenda of the University.
  3. Lead the strategic planning for research and develop a Strategic Plan of Research for PMU.
  4. Propose a detailed Research budget to PMU Management in alignment with the Standard 10 of NCAAA.
  5. Promote and uphold ethical conduct of research.
  6. Ensure that active research improves teaching and learning outcomes.
  7. Recommend funding for annual seminar series programs for the purpose of academic development such as research design, research ethics, external grant proposal writing, etc.
  8. Use research to further enhance the KSA’s intellectual circle and to add to the well-being of the KSA’s society, industry, commerce, and public service.
  9. Develop necessary channels to facilitate dialogue between faculty members and potential external funding organizations, for getting faculty members actively involved in pinpointing research topics that correspond to the needs of the KSA society.
  10. Propose policies, rules, and procedures governing scientific research projects and studies.
  11. Follow-up with the implementation and expenditures in accordance with the internal policies.
  12. Identify opportunities for partnerships to support the research and academic interests of PMU.
  13. Help market and promote PMU’s research activities with local, regional, and international business interests.
  14. Develop appropriate policies regarding Intellectual Property (IP) including ownership, sharing of licenses and royalty resulting from IP created by PMU and other activities related to IP.
  15. Promote the transfer of any technology or intellectual Property (IP) created by the University for the development of KSA businesses or manufacturing industries.
  16. Working closely with appropriate faculty and academic administrative staff, provide advice to help coordinate the use of laboratories and facilities required for both teaching and research applications.
  17. Review the internal grant proposals and recommend funding to PMU Management within the available resources in compliance with PMU rules and policies.
  18. Offer recommendations that enhance the research resources and capabilities of PMU.
  19. Coordinate between colleges to enhance interdisciplinary research efforts and local and global collaborative research.
  20. Suggest means for increasing research production and productivity of faculty at PMU.
  21. Provides leadership for sponsored research, technology transfer, ethical conduct of research and follow-up the approved internal research grants.
  22. Develop means of recognition for researchers and communicate their successes internally and externally.
  23. Suggest ways and trainings for the non-academic department heads to be facilitators and develop their research awareness for the credibility, visibility, and reputation of PMU.
  24. Develop the Operational Structure and Space for the Research Office to be submitted to PMU Management approval.
  25. Encourage academic leaders and faculty to activate research MoU’s between PMU and local and international partners.
  26. Target hosting an Annual Saudi Industries Forum at PMU.
  27. Form a Steering Committee among the active and well-connected researchers to host an International Conference every two years.
  28. Propose to PMU Management to offer non-financial and financial platforms of initiatives to active research from all Colleges as a start-up for developing a Community of Scholars at PMU.
  29. Oversee other purposes or duties as requested by the VRAA or the Rector.