Approved Project

Category Project Title Subject Area (College) No
Individual Project Vibrational Characteristics of a Nano –lubricant Rolling Element Bearing College of Engineering 1
Individual Project CFD Modeling of Gas Entrainment in Oil Flow Masters
Individual Project Structural Modeling & Analysis of Hybrid Super Tall Buildings Constructed Using Ultra-Lightweight (ULW) Floor Systems
Research Group Statistical Analysis of the Mechanical Properties of Reinforcing Bars Produced in KSA
Research Group Municipal Solid Waste Characterization in in Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia and its Assessment for energy and Value-Added Products
Research Group Real –time implementation of proposed QR Decomposition-based DOA Estimation Method on NI_PXI Platform and FPGA
Research Group Assessment of Electricity Efficiency in Residential Sector in KSA
Research Group Advanced Direct Torque Control (DTC) to Improve the Efficiency of Multiphase Induction Motors
Individual Project Entropy generation minimization analysis of the flow constricted channels College of Core Curriculum 2
Research Group Critical Thinking and the Arab College  Student: A Quantitative  Study in Saudi Arabia
Research Group Determination of carcinogenic elements presents in human consumable items i.e. bread, dates, water, cigarettes, and canned foods.
Individual Project The impact of Funding and Liquidity Requirements of  BASEL III on Islamic Banks College of Business Administration 3
Individual Project Potential of Cloud Computing Services in Developing Knowledge Management Systems for Private Higher Education Institutes
Research Group A Computational Approach to Analyze Algebraic Structures College of Computer Engineering and Science 4

Approved Project Phase II

No Subject Area / College Title of Project Category
  College of Engineering Net-Zero Energy Building Demonstration Project-Al Khobar, The KSA Individual Grant
A Novel Technology to Reduce the Energy
Consumption in HVAC Systems Using Indoor Fan Air Distribution (SIFAD) Powered by Renewable Energy
Research Group
CFD Modeling of Natural Convection in a Porous Wavy Cavity Saturated by a Nanofluid Individual Grant
Wind Turbine Electricity Power System Analysis for Power Quality and Harmonics Estimation Using Signal Processing Methods Research Group
CFD Modeling of Natural Convection and Entropy Generation in an Oblique Cavity Filled with Nanofluids and Ferrofluids Research Group
Microstructural Investigation of Nano-Structure Copper in Erosion Corrosion Environment for Use in Oil/Petrochemical Industries Individual Grant
Optimization of  a Solar Thermal Collector for a Hybrid Air-Conditioning System Individual Grant
Zonation Maps for  Potentially Collapsible and Liquefiable Soils in the Area of Al Khobar South (KSA) Research Group
Hardware Implementation of Two Dimensional Azimuth and Elevation Angles Using Dual Polarized Antennas Research Group
Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Wear Property of Nano-Structure Nickel Processed by Multi Axial Forging Research Group
Smart Grid: Enabling Technologies and Benefits Research Group
Infrastructure Report Card Prototype (RCP) and Business Management in Saudi Arabia Research Group
Piezoelectric Energy System Design and Optimization Individual Grant
Saudi Journal of Thermal and Fluid Sciences (SJTFS) Scientific Journal
  College of Computer Engineering and Science Application of Formal Verification Techniques for Analyzing Robotics, Communication, and Security Systems Individual Grant
A Study on the Confused Handwritten Indian (Arabic) Numerical Images Research Group
A Study Into the Impact of the IFSB 2012 Guidance Note No. 12, on the Probability of Default of Islamic Banks Individual Grant
Intrusion detection by Classifying System Calls: A Proof of
Individual Grant
Exploring the Success of Small and Medium Enterprises in the Eastern Province of KSA Individual Grant
  College of Sciences and Human Studies Development of Legal Education in Saudi Arabia Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Teaching Law in English Research Group
A Study into the Legal Framework and Regulation of Doctors in Protecting Patients in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Individual Grant
  College of Core Programs Emotional Management and Mental Health in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Early Career Research Grant Support
English Anxiety and English Language Learners Mathematics Learning Experiences Early Career Research Grant Support
Mathematical Models for Integrated Pest Management (IPM) in Light of the National Strategy for Conservation of Biodiversity in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Early Career Research Grant Support
  Preparatory Programs Energy Literacy and ESL Professionals as Facilitators in Saudi Arabia Early Career Research Grant Support