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Patent Disclosure Application

It is recommended that if this completed invention record is e-mailed to PMU Patent center, the document is password protected and that the password is provided separately to PMU Patent Center.

For further information and definitions please see pages at the end of this form.


(Please give a short description, outlining the problem it solves, how it works and its advantages and improvements over existing methods devices or materials. (Any extra information can be included as an attachment).

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We recognize that we give Prince Mohammad Bin Fahad University, the right to ownership of the invention also pledge signed any papers and provide the necessary information for registration of the invention and the University will participate in the returns (if any) of the present invention, in accordance with the applicable rules of the University.
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Inventor Declaration

The information contained within this form is accurate and complete to the best of my knowledge and belief. I agree to co‑operate with PMU Patent Center in seeking patent or other legal protection and in the exploitation of this invention.

By submitting this form the inventor(s) request that PMU Patent Center review the invention or other development described in this Invention Disclosure Form (the "Invention") and consider taking steps to protect and commercialize it.  Inventor(s) acknowledge and agree that if PMU Patent Center decides (at its sole discretion) to proceed with any such activities, the Invention will become a PMU Patent Center "Project" under the terms of a master services agreement between PMU Patent Center and that inventor(s) may be required to execute assignment and revenue sharing agreements with PMU Patent Center in accordance with PMU Revenue Sharing Policy.

PMU Patent Center is responsible for the protection and commercialisation of Intellectual Property which arises from Prince Mohammed Bin Fahd University.


This form is designed to determine the basic facts relating to an invention, design or any copyright material;
The rights of all members of staff, students and others who may be involved, are protected by lodging an invention record form with PMU Patent Center;
This form serves an additional purpose of establishing an independent reference point in support of laboratory notebooks as to when an invention was made.