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Patent and Copyright Agreement

All PMU faculty, staff, graduate students and postdoctoral fellows are required to sign a Patent and Copyright Agreement, as a condition of either employment or enrollment at Prince Mohamad Bin Fahd University

I understand that, consistent with applicable laws and regulations, Prince Mohamad Bin Fahd University is governed in the handling of intellectual property by its official policies titled Inventions, Patents and Licensing Policy and Intellectual property policy I agree to abide by the terms and conditions of those policies, as they may be amended from time to time, in the course of my activities at PMU.
Pursuant to these policies, and in consideration of my participation in projects administered by PMU, access to or use of facilities or resources provided by PMU and/or other valuable consideration, I hereby agree as follows:

  1. I will disclose to PMU all potentially patentable inventions conceived or first reduced to practice in whole or in part in the course of, and related to, my responsibilities at PMU, my participation in research projects at PMU or with more than incidental use of PMU resources. I further hereby assign jointly to PMU and to my non-PMU employer all my right, title and interest in such patentable inventions and to execute and deliver all documents and do any and all things necessary and proper on my part to effect such assignment. Such assignment is not inconsistent with the terms of my continuing employment outside of PMU or with any other agreement I have entered into.

  2. I will not use any information defined as confidential or proprietary by my non-PMU employer in the course of my responsibilities at PMU and I will not do consulting or any work for my non-PMU employer while at any facility owned or leased by the PMU.

  3. I am free to place my inventions in the public domain as long as in so doing neither I nor PMU violates the terms of any agreements that governed the work done or my agreements with my non-PMU employer.

  4. I recognize PMU policy that all rights in copyright shall remain with the creator

  5. I will assign and confirm in writing to PMU all my right, title and interest, including associated copyright, in and to copyrightable materials.

  6. I will not enter into any agreement creating copyright or patent obligations in conflict with this agreement.

  7. This agreement is effective on date of my PMU hire, enrollment or participation in projects administered by PMU, and is binding on me, my estate, heirs and assigns.