1. The mission of the Deanship of Research and Graduate Study derives from the PMU's primary mission which is to be a leader in professional graduate education in the KSA.
  2. The mission of Deanship of Research and Graduate Study is to develop technically skilled, entrepreneurial, and lifelong learners who will be leading citizens proactively committed to improve the quality of life.
  3. The Deanship of Research and Graduate Study will expand pathways for further higher education. It will foster the development of new graduate programs, in a broad spectrum of disciplinary and cross-disciplinary professions aligned with the needs and demands of Eastern Region, and the KSA.
  4. This mission will be achieved through contribution of high caliber faculty and collaboration with carefully selected international network of scholars dedicated to the pursuit of excellence and public service. 
  5. The Deanship of Research and Graduate Study is also committed to integrate research with teaching and will play an important role in the development of undergraduate research which is an investment in the future of graduate education. This investment will allow talented undergraduate students to learn about exploration, discovery, creation, innovation, advancement to be motivated to continue their studies at the master level. Our mission will play a greater role in building a brighter future in the KSA.