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A Message From the Dean

Dear Prospective Postgraduate Applicants,

I would like to extend a warm and a special welcome to you all in your visit to our website. I want sincerely to congratulate you on your courage and bright intuition to take the first step to pursue a postgraduate program in order to advance your career. Indeed a postgraduate program will distinguish you from your peers and will allow you more rapid career advancement. Our postgraduate programs at PMU are uniquely structured to put you on the path to leadership. The program is designed to correspond directly to the needs of the companies.

Our dynamic programs will enhance your career capabilities and offer excellent professional networks. Our postgraduate programs provide you with a broad and up to date knowledge base of the various disciplines of the field of your study. We want to increase your potential to be a future leader. We want also to boost your confidence.

You will be well prepared and equipped to meet professional challenges and keep up with the changes in this new era of globalization and competitiveness. I am glad to say that we offer excellent post-graduation and post experience programs in the region. We have excellent resources and facilities and our postgraduate programs are fully accredited. 

We keep the class small because we are not driven by financial constraints. All we care about is quality.

Some of our programs are new but we aim to grow from small and we aim to jump from good to great. The new MBA program is very updated if we benchmark with the best universities in the world. On the other hand, our old programs were and will be continuously reengineered to meet the new challenges. Believe me; you will get a remarkable experience and a memorable journey with us. You will work hard but you will also enjoy and have fun. That is part of our values.

The program is heavily student-centered. You will have personal attention. You will not be treated as undergraduate students. Postgraduate education is totally different from the undergraduate education. Classes will not be conducted in traditional ways. You don’t just learn from books. Collaborative learning from your peers through participative pedagogy is our value added.

Interaction with intelligent classmates and insightful professors will help you to learn about yourself and your potential. You will go through the whole process of self reflection and self restructuring. You can make yourself a whole new person. And this is all about our new philosophy of the Whole Person Development (WPD) at PMU.

Consequently, you are very much encouraged to apply. If your career goals are not clear, we will be happy to sit down with you before you apply to help you find a good match in our programs and to help you focus on your career trajectory and goals. We are offering and we will continue to offer one-on-one personal admission advising to prospective Postgraduate applicants.