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Funding DRD Activities

Space and other infrastructure support for the DRD must be identified within the existing master plan of the university. Utilizing existing facilities will allow for maximizing the potential research in Scientific, Applied, and General areas will minimize the start-up costs for the research enterprise since most of the costs has already been incurred for the academic divisions of the university. This model also provides flexibility in allowing for growth as the research enterprise becomes successful in providing service and obtaining ongoing funding for its activities. The initial staff for the entire Center for Research Development will be housed in the Center’s main office (exact location to be decided by the PMU Rector). Offices should be arranged in a central configuration to enable the staff to share some general office support and administration. In its early years, Scientific, Natural Science, Applied Research, Business and Social Science researchers will be able to utilize existing laboratory space in the College of Engineering and the College of Information Technology as well as in their respective Department offices. However, the DGSR will soon entertain international and local, regional guests and visitors; and therefore, a suitable location apart from the existing science laboratory space, and a well decorated/furnished office somewhere else (preferably in the Administrative or LRC Building) is urgently needed to establish the DGSR Head’s and his staff office. As the Center begins to operate, the growth of contracted services is forecasted to be great. The planning and establishment of the DGSR, therefore, should include construction of a University Research Center dedicated to contracted activities. Depending on its volume, Scientific Research may remain in the academic laboratories or be relocated to the Research Center.