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About PMU Press

In 2018, PMU Press was founded to:

  • Publish and translate books that add a value to Human knowledge.
  • Publish and translate scholarly monographs that address the challenges of the 21st Century.
  • Provide accessibility to diverse high quality publications.

Main Principles
PMU Press aspires to:

  • Be one of the leading accessible publishing and translation houses in the world and make valuable usage of its available technological resources in reaching out the global community
  • Advance PMU social responsibility Profile.

PMU Press exists to:

  • Publish and translate quality textbooks and scholarly monographs.
  • Make the published books digitally available to all people across the world.
  • Provide a supportive platform for PMU faculty to turn their theses and Dissertations into books.
  • Assist in sustaining the history and local cultures of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The main objectives of PMU Press are to:

  • Develop publications and translations that benefit the academic institutions, societies and enterprises.
  • Publish and translate Books that stimulate people to read.
  • Partner with well reputed national, regional and international Publication Houses and Translation Centers.
  • Advance the ranking of the University through electronically publishing and translating quality books and scholarly works.

Targeted Outcomes
PMUPress strives to:

  • Sustain the production of academic knowledge and intellectual works.
  • Advance concepts and ideas that put into practice the Kingdom’s 2030 vision.
  • Make various types of knowledge accessible to all readers across the world.
  • Develop key performance indicators to measure the educational and social impact of PMU Press across a wide range of dimensions and sectors.
  • Build national, regional and international circuits for the dissemination and distribution of knowledge produced.