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Learning Outcomes Competencies
The six designated PMU learning outcomes address what PMU graduates need to know, and what they must be able to do, in order to be successful in their chosen fields and to contribute to the development of their community and the Kingdom. The six PMU learning outcome are:
  • Communication: the ability to communicate effectively in both English and Arabic in professional and social situations.
  • Technological Competence: the ability to use modern technologies to acquire information, communicates, solve problems, and produce intended results.
  • Critical Thinking and problem: the ability to reason logically and creatively to make informed and responsible decisions and achieve intended goals.
  • Professional Competence: the ability to perform professional responsibilities effectively in both local and international contexts.
  • Teamwork: the ability to work effectively with others to accomplish tasks and achieve group goals.
  • Leadership: the ability to be informed, effective, and responsible leaders in the family, the community and the Kingdom.