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Computing Collaro Club
Computing Collaro Club (CCC) aims to create a social environment for students to be creative and innovate in the field of Information Technology, in order to advance their future careers. The club focuses on establishing a connection between IT companies and students, to give students a clear perspective on the job market.
The club was established and officially launched on March-18, 2018. The club started late in the semester, but still aspired to achieve its goals. CCC also aims to achieve even greater things in the future to help our fellow students and members prosper and succeed in their respective majors and future careers in the field of Technology.

The following list showcases the various events and activities that Computing Collaro Club (CCC) organized and participated in:

CCC participation in the Hub event held from April 5th to 7th:
CCC Participated in the event by creating a unique gaming platform for individuals to enjoy. The gaming platform incorporated games from different levels and genres. Also, a tournament was organized, in which participants were awarded unique prizes, ranging from power banks to headphones. CCC also presented a unique advertisement, regarding their upcoming events.

CCC Artificial Intelligence event held on April 11th:
Under the supervision of the Student Support Center for Creativity and Innovation and the support of the Student Council, the Computing Collaro Club at PMU organized a lecture about Artificial Intelligence, presented by Dr. Saud Al Muhaidib, who gave a clear, unique and simple definition with examples regarding Artificial Intelligence, and made sure that various complex concepts were explained in a an understandable manner.
Moreover, he explained how Artificial Intelligence would evolve in the future and how it would affect our lives
The presentation was attended by some professionals from outside of PMU and was broadcast to the female campus
* Dr. Saud Al Muhaidib, helds a PhD in Artificial Intelligence and is a former professor and educator who helped in shaping computer courses curriculums in the Ministry of Higher Education in SA. CCC tutoring service establishment:
On April 17th CCC established its tutoring service, which is aimed at helping students in technology courses understand the concepts and improve their abilities. Moreover, the service provides some students in Computer Science I and Computer Science II with extensive knowledge and help regarding various topics in their respective courses. Starting next semester, CCC aims to keep enhancing this service and support the students in different courses.

CCC established a CCC department for Female Students on May 9th:
With the support of academic Faculty, CCC created a unique and complex management team recruitment plan that aimed to choose the best female students to be in charge of CCC-Female Campus.
After a long process that started on April 15th, and following the recommendation of the respective Faculty, CCC nominated a management female team which will start to operate very soon.
Closing word and Core values drives:
CCC aims to achieve great things at PMU and beyond in the upcoming semesters, on both male and female side. It also aims to bring a new dawn of change, creativity and innovation in the field of Technology at PMU, while staying true to its core principles of collaborative and innovative work.

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Computing Collaro  ClubComputing Collaro  Club
Computing Collaro  ClubComputing Collaro  Club
Computing Collaro  ClubComputing Collaro  Club
Computing Collaro  Club