Code of Ethics
The ethical standards are the ethical responsibility of PMU Counselors. The institutions Dean/ Directors and supervisors should know the code to provide support for counseling candidates to uphold them.
The Counselors are advocates, leaders, collaborators and consultants who create opportunities for equitable access and success in support and educational avenues by assimilating the mission of PMU and subscribing to the following tenets of professional responsibility:

  • Each person has the right to be respected, be treated with dignity and have access to a comprehensive counseling program that advocates for and affirms all students from diverse populations: including age, gender, economic status, abilities/disabilities, spiritual identity and appearance.
  • Each student has the right to receive information and support needed to move toward self direction and self development.
  • Each student has the right to understand the full magnitude and meaning of his/her educational choices and how those choices will affect future opportunities.
  • Each student has the right to privacy and thereby the right to expect the counselor/ student relationship to comply with all laws, policies and ethical standards pertaining to confidentiality.
  • Each student has the right to feel safe in the institutions environment that counselors help create, free from abuse, bullying, neglect, harassment or other forms of violence.