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Clubs, Organizations and Societies (2018/2019)

Name Logo Description Contact Details
Student Council PMU Student Council, serves as an effective liaison between the student body, the administration and the faculty of Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University (PMU). They voice the student opinions to the administration of PMU, and see that the students' best interests are properly served. They constantly strive towards improving the quality of life of all students as well as the academic experience of PMU undergraduate students.   President: Aseel Al Balawi: 054-177-0573;
Vice President: Mohammad Al Hajri: 054-655-4450

Co-curricular organizations

Name Logo Description Contact Details Advisor Status
ASME, PMU branch
American Society of Mechanical Engineers

ASME is a professional association that, in its own words, "promotes the art, science, and practice of multidisciplinary engineering and allied sciences around the globe" via "continuing education, training and professional development, codes and standards, research, conferences and publications, government relations, and other forms of outreach.

Amer Al Mutairi: 050-592-6496, Office S-037;
Dr. Panagiotis Sphicas Active
IEEE Student Chapter: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers IEEE is the world's largest professional association dedicated to advancing technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity. Abdullah Al Qahtani, 055-878-7888,; Office F-035 Dr. Samir Nakla:;
Office F-040
Finance Club The Finance Club promotes finance-related activities and careers throughout the PMU community. It caters to a wide variety of finance-related interests, particularly investment banking, sales and trading, private wealth management, and corporate finance. On a yearly basis, FC organize and recruit students to participate in DFM competition. Mr. Brian T. Sullivan Active
Public Speaking Club The Public Speakers Club Organize Debates and public speaking competitions. Moreover, the Public Speakers Club members participate and attend any event related to the speaking topic. Hassan Ali Al Zahrani: 055-210-3536;
Omar BAROODY: ; Office G-062 Inactive
Book Club   The Book Club is a space where Reading lovers can share their recent books and discuss it with others; The Book Club meets on a bi-weekly basis Zaid Ali, 050-475-8074,, 201501931 Mr. Gunner Gunderson
Mr. Chris Stillson, Office F- 116
Law Club

The aim of the Law club is to create awareness amongst the general student population with the Law concepts in general and organize on and off campus Core Curricular activities, visits and Field trips related to Law".

 Mr. Madhi Al Subaie: Dr. Muamar Salameh Active
HR Club HR Club aim to enhance and support the academic experience of all students through industry exposure and involvement in special projects and programs with particular attention to providing career building, through teamwork and academic advice and support. Saif Alqahtani:;, F-067
Dr Francois Bester, Office F-079 Active
Computing Collaro Club (CCC) The club’s purpose is to provide an environment for IT students where they can socialize and share information regarding the latest technologies. Moreover, the club aims at working on projects that can help students in their future careers. The club is under the supervision of the IT Department.
*Collaro stands for a combination of collar and collaborative
Saud Bubshait, 054-802-0581
Mr. Mohammed Zikria(S-004) Active
Techno Hub A hub for students to share their passion and Knowledge in Technology. The club is under the supervision of the Comp. Eng. and Comp. Science Departments   Ahmad Alzayer: 055-272-3610;
Dr. Loay Alzubaidi Active
Civil Eng. Student Club (CESC) The main goal of the club is to guide, assist and support CE students academically. Moreover, the club organizes Field Trip related to the major. Abdullah Aldayel; F-024 Dr. Saidur Chowdhury; Office F-025
Mr. Danish Ahmed, Office S-041
MEC (Mech. Eng. Club) The main goal of the club is to promote team spirit and professionalism among its members. This club also encourages its members to engage in activities that aid in enhancing their leadership and technical skills; it promotes and supports interesting projects that will inspire members to be innovative. Omar Al Zahrani, 054-529-2790; G-005;
Dr. Muhammad Assad Active
MIS Club   Aims to provide better understanding and appreciation to the academic field of MIS by organizing workshops, projects and competition N/A Dr. Samer Alimami, Office S067 Inactive

Extra-curricular organizations

Name Logo Description Contact Details Advisor Status
Media Club The Media Club provides coverage of all events, news and updates on campus. It Has various members providing students with the opportunity to be competitive, invest their time in something useful and be creative and innovative. The Media Club also manages several Social Media Groups Saleh Al Hussain:
Hussain Al Yami:
Omar Baroody, , Office G-062 Active
Chess Club Chess Club organizes weekly games and tournaments, where students and faculty play. Chess is very important in developing student’s critical thinking. N/A  Omar BAROODY, Office G-062 Active
Nazaha Club Nazaha Club is created to fight corruption and encourage students to respect law and regulations. Nasser Al-Thobiti:; Omar BAROODY, Office G-062 Active
I-Social Club I-Social Club Organizes social events and student gatherings on and off campus including cultural visits and social discussions Yahya A. Taleb: 050-684-3882,, Office G-006 Mr. Ahmad Nuridin: 9328, Office S-100,   Active
Volunteers Club The Volunteers Club encourages PMU students to volunteers in events and organizes Community Service activities. The VC support all activities and events organized on or off campus by the Department of Campus Life Abdulitif Alhamdan: 054-226-2336 Omar BAROODY: ; Office G-062 Active
PMU United PMU United Club supports the students in the academic and administrative issues they might face like Registration process. It also support the Department of Campus Life. N/A Omar BAROODY: ; Office G-062 Active

Sports and entertainment clubs

Name Logo Description Contact Details Advisor Status
Running Club Created in 2010, the Running Club encourages running culture among students against smoking and other bad habits. Every year, the running club participate in the annual charity run and organizes social run around the campus. Moreover the RC organizes weekly runs for PMU community N /A Omar BAROODY: ; Office G-062 Active
PMU Rovers Rover clubs are part of the Saudi Boy Scouts Association (SBSA); they often participate in events organized by the association, supported by it, or supporting the association itself. Abdulrahman Al Fares: Mr. Khaled Al Kulaib, Office G-061, 138499372 Active