Applying for Graduate Studies:

After the completion of undergraduate studies, alumni often seek to receive higher education for career advancement or knowledge enlightenment. This workshop provides information regarding how to select graduate schools and majors, creating application packages, meeting deadlines, and writing effective personal statements. Students who earned 90 credit hours & above are entitled to Professional Development Workshop which ends with professional certificate.

Career Planning and Development:

This workshop will assist students in understanding their chosen career paths. For those undecided, it will provide an overview of rewarding and successful career paths.

Cover Letter Writing:

Part of having an effective resume is having a convincing cover letter. The cover letter is a short biography of the candidate’s professional life. Students and alumni will be trained on how to write persuasive cover letters that will attract the attention of employers.

CV Building:

The first impression a candidate makes on an employer is often the resume. Students and alumni will be taught on how to build strong resume’s that will help them stand out amongst other candidates. Students will be educated on how to construct an informative and simple resume.

Internship Preparation:

Internship placements provide students with an introduction into the job market. Students will be prepared for the internship process involving submitting applications, hiring, and placement with the employer. 

Interview Techniques:

Presenting the best resume will only get the candidate an interview. The success of the interview will determine whether the candidate gets the job. Being prepared will enable students to successfully understand the importance of a giving a good interview. Tips and beneficial experiences will be shared to inform students and alumni on how to successfully obtain their desired job position.

Job Search Techniques:

There are several methods that students and alumni can use to search for job opportunities. Through this workshop students will be taught about the various resources and methods they can use to find placements in the local and international job market.

Networking Skills:

Having effective skills in communication and relationship building are an essential method in getting a good job. Students and alumni will be taught on how to network with professionals and personnel’s in different career paths.

Portfolio Development:

Often employers require candidates to present them with a portfolio that highlights their past achievements in the work field. This workshop will teach students and alumni on how to build effective and complete portfolios.

Below are selected video tips which might be a good reference to you future interview endeavors.
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