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Internship Program
PMU is committed to the professional development of its students. An important requirement of the academic program at PMU is practical work experience. As a result, PMU partners with leading companies to provide its students with internship opportunities each semester. To participate in PMU’s internship program a student will need to complete and submit the early registration and company preference forms. A list of participating companies is available at the Department of Career Services. If a student is interested in a company not included in the list, then the student can provide that company’s contact information to the Department of Career Services (telephone number, contact person and company website). Once the forms are completed the student must submit these to the Registration Officein Building 14, Room G-9, in order to obtain their grade transcript. All of these forms will then need to be returned to the Department of Career Services in Building 14, Room G-004. Once your application is approved by the Dean the Department of Career Services will then contact the selected companies listed on the Company Preference Form.
The student can apply online through the Banner, E-Form, Internship Request.