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Undergraduate Admissions

New Applicant:

A candidate may apply to PMU as a freshman or a transfer student. However, there are two possible paths to starting his/her undergraduate program, (1) by passing the Preparatory Program or (2) Direct Entry by providing PMU recognized proficiency English language test certificate. Admission to each of the undergraduate program is based on different criteria. PMU offers Day and Evening classes, Day students may register up to 20 credits, however, Evening students are allowed to register 12 credits maximum.

The majority of candidates applying for PMU undergraduate programs are graduates of the secondary school science stream in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Applicants from International schools in Saudi Arabia are required to have their transcripts and certificates attested by the Ministry of Education. However, applicants who have completed their education at secondary schools outside Saudi Arabia, are required to provide School Certificate Equivalency letters issued by the Ministry of Education in Saudi Arabia. Initially, certificates and transcripts have to be attested, in advance, by the Saudi Consulate and other authorized organizations in the country where the secondary school is located.

General requirements:
  • Apply online based on the admissions calendar (Apply Now)
  • Secondary school certificate GPA *80% or equivalent
  • General Aptitude Test *60% (Qudrat) or equivalent (SAT 1)
  • English placement test / PMU recognized proficiency English language test certificate (Click Here)
  • Pay a non-refundable application fee of SAR 950 (incl. VAT) upon submission of documents
  • Any additional requirements determined by the Admissions Office

*Students with a lower percentage can apply, however, acceptance will depend on the overall results of the following criteria:

  • Secondary School 60%
  • General Aptitude Test 40%

Computer Science and Engineering Majors Admission Requirements

Preparatory Program

In order to meet the high admission standards for the degree programs, PMU offers a program of study for students who need additional preparation in the English language, mathematics and learning skills. The decision on whether or not a student should complete the Preparatory Program depends on the results of the English Language proficiency test. (Read More)

Freshman Admissions

Applicants who have completed their secondary school and seek direct entry to the undergraduate program, and wish to bypass the Preparatory Program, can apply to PMU for freshman admissions. However, they have to provide a PMU recognized proficiency English language test certificate with acceptable scores. (Read more)

Transfer Admissions

Students coming from other Universities, who wish to transfer their credits to PMU, may apply for transfer admissions. However, an applicant may be admitted to the Preparatory Program or directly to the degree program, based on the applicant’s English language proficiency. Transfer applicants should have a good academic standing from their previous recognized university with the minimum PMU required grades and cumulative GPA. (Read more)

Visiting Student Admissions

Visiting students are students registered in other local or international recognized universities requesting to take courses at PMU that will count towards their degrees in their home institutions. To be able to register for a course as a visiting student, the applicant should meet the particular course requirements and pre-requisites, secure an approval from the home institution, and be approved by the college offering the course at PMU (Read more )

Undergraduate Program

PMU offers various degrees under the College of Architecture and Design, College of Computer Engineering and Science, College of Business Administration, College of Law and College of Engineering. (Read more)