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Admission to the Preparatory Program

Required High School Preparation

Students enrolling in PMU must be graduates of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia secondary school with an earned General Secondary Education Certificate, or they must have received equivalent secondary school preparation in another educational system.

Admission Criteria Procedures

Admission into the Preparation Program requires:
  • Application form and fee: A completed application form accompanied by a prescribed application fee determined by the administration

  • Secondary School Grades: A satisfactory overall grade average on the General Secondary Education Certificate.

  • General Aptitude and Abilities Test Scores: A satisfactory total score on the General Aptitude and Abilities Test given by the Ministry of Higher Education.

  • Personal Interview
  • PMU Standard Battery Test.

Admission to Degree of Studies

Students may be admitted into degree studies at PMU via a number of means. These are, successful completions of the Preparatory Program, direct entry from secondary school, or transfer from other post-secondary programs.