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Why an MBA from PMU
The College of Business MBA Program at PMU provides a unique and distinguished academic experience that guides the student to develop comprehensive skills and knowledge in:
  • Communication
  • Technological competence
  • Critical thinking and problem solving
  • Professional competence
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership

The program benefits from the College of Business’ ongoing commitment to create, maintain, and nurture a culture of innovation, cooperation, diversity, ethical behavior and mutual respect, and from its values of Excellence in Teaching, Excellence in Scholarship, Social Responsibility, and Partnering, among others. PMU has established defining institutional characteristics that have a significant impact on the nature of the MBA program, and the faculty who teach within the program exemplifies these characteristics, which include
  • A student-centered approach to education and instruction including utilization, engagement, feedback and repetition;
  • a professional willingness to work with, and undertake professional development activities that are necessary for the implementation of a student-centered, communicative classroom environment;
  • personal and professional commitments to life-long learning are demonstrated through learning attitudes and effective teaching concepts and methodologies;
  • sensitivity to Arab cultural and Islamic religious practices and expectations.