Student Outcomes

Upon graduation, students are expected to be proficient in the following:
  • Demonstrate advance knowledge and competencies in Artificial Intelligence.
  • Master a fundamental knowledge and develop expertise in various specialized areas of research in artificial Intelligence
  • Able to initiate, manage, and complete research manuscripts that demonstrates expert self-evaluation and advanced skills in communicating highly complex ideas related to Artificial Intelligence
  • Develop rigorous mathematical background and advanced reasoning capabilities needed to express comprehensive and deep understanding of research problems in the field of Artificial Intelligence
  • Develop expertise in comprehending existing literature, apply reasoning, and master necessary skills and techniques to develop novel research ideas that are recognized by the experts of the Artificial Intelligence discipline
  • Obtain highly sophisticated skills in initiating, managing, and completing multiple project reports and critiques on a variety of Artificial Intelligence related methods and algorithms, that demonstrates expert understanding, self-evaluation, and advanced skills in communicating highly complex ideas
  • Develop advanced ability to work independently with substantial authority or in team collaboration with professional integrity to complete highly challenging Artificial Intelligence related projects in a timely manner