Smart Glasses for Blind People
These “Smart Glasses” are designed to help the blind people to read and translate the typed text which is written in the English language. These kinds of inventions consider a solution to motivate blind students to complete their education despite all their difficulties. Its main objective is to develop a new way of reading texts for blind people and facilitate their communication. The first task of the glasses is to scan any text image and convert it into audio text, so the person will listen to the audio through a headphone that’s connected to the glasses. The second task is to translate the whole text or some words of it by pressing a button that is connected to the glasses as well. The glasses used many technologies to perform its tasks which are OCR, (gTTS) and Google translation. Detecting the text in the image was done using the OpenCV and Optical Character Recognition technology (OCR) with Tesseract and Efficient and Accurate Scene Text Detector (EAST). In order to convert the text into speech, it used Text to Speech technology (gTTS). For translating the text, the glasses used Google translation API. The glasses are provided by Ultrasonic sensor which is used to measure the required distance between the user and the object that has an image to be able to take a clear picture. The picture will be taken when the user presses the button.