Student Outcomes
The intended learning outcomes are consistent with the National Qualification framework of NCAAA. The College Of Business emphasizes these outcomes within the four following domains: Business Knowledge and Analytical Skills, Ethical and Social Justice Perspective, Global Perspective, Communication Skills.
As such, the MBA emphasizes the following outcomes:
  • Our graduates will have the knowledge and the analytical, management, and quantitative skills necessary to contribute to an organization and improve their performance.
  • Our graduates will develop an understanding of business that reflects the moral responsibility of management to all relevant stakeholders and the natural environment.
  • Our graduates will have developed a global and multi-cultural perspective on the business enterprise and acquire the leadership skills necessary to be a successful leader in a global organization.
  • Our graduates will be able to communicate effectively in a variety of settings to advance organizational objectives and to meet challenges.

These learning outcomes are mapped into the PMU College of Business Domains Of Learning:
  • Business Knowledge and Analytical Skills
  • Ethical and Social Justice Perspective
  • Global Perspective
  • Communication Skills