Program Characteristics

Building and maintaining a high quality MSCE Program that meets international standards not only requires a strong and up-to-date curriculum, competent and qualified faculty, and adequate infrastructure and facilities, but also a robust assessment, evaluation, and continuous improvement process. Some of the main purposes of MSCE program assessment and evaluation and its continuous improvement are to improve the quality of education imparted to students, advance quality education, meet the program educational objectives of an institution of higher learning, and make informed decisions on allocating resources for program improvement.

Laboratory facilities in the Civil Engineering Department are designed to meet student needs to perform experimentation. Various machines for mechanical testing of soils and materials are available for student to support their study and research.   The lab is continuously upgraded to meet the current standard for testing and experimentation. Also, various engineering software needed to conduct research are available for students use throughout their course of study.

The PMU Library is expanding its database of journals, periodicals and advanced books that will assist the students in their research and course work. Online electronic library resources are accessible to students to quote research references important in the thesis writing development.