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Program Characteristics
The MBA curriculum, which is taught in English and will enroll both male and female students, balances the art and sciences of management so you gain an understanding of both the theoretical backdrop for business, and learn to apply theory in diverse management situations. Courses are designed to give a comprehensive and relevant understanding of today's management environment. The global business environment is a complex one. Executives face challenges that defy simple solutions. The MBA Program will prepare our graduates to respond to these challenges, adapt to new markets, and lead in a constantly changing environment. The MBA experience will be dynamic and comprehensive, blending theory with experience and knowledge with application. The curriculum provides a solid grounding in management fundamentals, international business, strategic thinking, innovation and entrepreneurship, corporate social responsibility, and leadership. These themes are woven throughout the curriculum so that the MBA graduate will leave the program with the ability to approach issues from a multidisciplinary perspective. The way the world works.