The PMU College of Architecture and Design will be dedicated to recruiting the highest caliber students, retaining them through guidance and direction, and graduating degreed designers who will compete and be recognized both locally and in a global society. To further fulfill this mission, an ongoing and active recruitment program will be carried out to attract faculty and staff who will not only be recognized nationally for their expertise, but also for their ability to impart to students the most needed skills to function in a competitive work environment.

The PMU College of Architecture and Design will be comprised of the following academic units:

  • Department of Architecture
  • Department of Interior Design
  • Department of Graphic Design

These basic level programs will be designed to give the student an understanding of the fundamental principles underlying architecture and design as well as architecture and design practice. Each curriculum will contain core curriculum courses designed to develop a solid foundation in mathematics, science, and physics, with a general background in social and behavioral sciences. Building on this background, the architecture and design courses will provide application of basic theories and principles using predesign processes that lead to studio solutions of complex design problems.

Laboratory facilities in the College of Architecture and Design will be equipped to facilitate learning. In these labs, students will become familiar with the instruments, procedures, and processes employed by industry. Computer laboratories will be available for students’ use throughout their course of study. In addition, every student will be required to have their own laptop computer.