The MBA program will support the institutional and unit missions to allow PMU and COBA to become an international center of management scholarship, committed to preparing and enhancing organizational leadership and the development of future leaders of Saudi Arabia that will excel in a dynamic global business environment. PMU strives to develop educational programs that are innovative, foster alliances with students, provide outreach to the community at large and to make discoveries of lasting consequence. The program will provide great value through its delivery of scholarly discovery, service and learning in the following ways:
  • through the scholarship of discovery, we develop, integrate and apply new ideas through traditional research and pioneering approaches which transcend conventional boundaries;
  • through the scholarship of learning, we create an environment in which students develop the knowledge and skills to be effective leaders in their professions and communities; and
  • through the scholarship of service, our faculty and students share their knowledge to achieve significant outcomes with partner organizations, our alumni, our community and our world society.