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Master in Future Studies


The growing importance of Futures Studies as a field and a practice has grown substantially over the past few decades both in terms of its reach and expansiveness of the approaches, tools, techniques, and their application across all disciplines.

It is now commonplace for both institutions and corporations to have a futures department separate from strategic planning as the understanding of the major differences between the two requires very different skills and will vary in their application. It is imperative that students integrate futures thinking and skills into their studies and professional development. This program will equip students with the foundational knowledge, concepts and applications of foresight to a broad range of professional contexts. Taking a multidisciplinary approach, which will focus on both theoretical and practical aspects of futures literacy and future-focused enquiry, futures studies is critical to addressing contemporary global issues.

The program is directed at providing an opportunity for students to acquire a systemic and critical understanding of a substantial and complex body of knowledge. It aims to enhance learners’ foresight, systems and design thinking capacities as capabilities that move beyond knowledge retention toward anticipating and conceptualizing provident responses to contemporary issues, current and emerging. Futures studies combines theory and applied learning, focusing on bodies of knowledge that are aligned with multi-disciplinary professional practice environments. The programme thus aims to enable learners to produce a defensible and compelling ‘futures assessment’ on a topic relevant to their chosen field of study or personal interest. With a multi-disciplinary practice-based approach and structured learning as defining characteristics of the program, graduates will have the knowledge and skills to demonstrate autonomy, authoritative judgement, adaptability, and responsiveness to contemporary issues.

As a leader in social sciences and research, PMU has the opportunity to implement the first Master’s program in Futures Studies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, grounding research, teaching and practice to the context in a unique manner, equipping students with the necessary knowledge, skills and values for impactful leadership. The program will also complement the intention to establish the PMU-UNESCO Prize in Best Scientific Advancement of Futures Studies, strengthening cooperation with UNESCO and contributions to the Global Futures Literacy Network.