Internship Programs

Close Working Relationship with Industry

The PMU College of Architecture and Design will have a strong relationship with industry in the Eastern Province of the KSA. To facilitate this relationship, the Dean of the College of Architecture and Design will maintain an Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) composed of practicing architects, interior and graphic designers. The IAB will have 7 to 10 members, a number which has been found to be effective at similar institutions. Each department within the college also will have an IAB composed of 5 to 7 practitioners. The IAB boards will advise the college on the programs’ educational objectives, curriculum, and fund raising activities. The boards mays also help provide co-operative jobs or required summer internships for students.

Internships for PMU Architecture and Design Students

  • Students will pursue internships during the summer months at private companies where they can gain experience in their major field. A summer internship will provide practical experience without prolonging the time required for graduation. Students will work 320 hours for 3 credit hours toward their degree.
  • Internships are required of all majors in COAD during the summer or semster before their final year of classes.