Internship Programs

In order to simultaneously build student competencies and meet the PMU goal of serving the surrounding community, the College of Computer Engineering and Science offers an elective internship (practical training) course in which students receive academic credit for working in local business and industry, normally for a period of 8 weeks.

This course requires students to apply PMU competencies including professional competence, critical thinking, communication, leadership and teamwork during their 8-week internship. This is normally supervised by a local on the job line manager in conjunction with a PMU course coordinator/advisor.

At the end of the 8-week period of training, feedback that is collected throughout is collated, summarized and presented as part of the student’s final evaluation of performance and competencies. The final evaluation process also includes a report and a interview/presentation to a panel of college reviewers.

PMU Career Services Department under the Deanship of Student Affairs plays a fundamental role in assisting our students identify, select and apply to the local and regional businesses and organizations for training positions.

The majority of our students, particularly females, do very well in their practical training and start their careers at the same companies where they trained.