PMU’s Interior Design Curriculum consists of 126 semester credit hours and consists of three basic components:

General Education Requirements:

These requirements from the University Core Curriculum and the College Core Curriculum will comprise 51 hours of study. The core curriculum is intended as a broad and general education across disciplines. It includes courses in PMU core competencies, communications, Arabic Language and Islamic Studies, physical education, mathematics, laboratory science, and social and behavioral sciences.

Department of Interior Design Requirements:

These requirements will comprise 72 hours of study. They will consist of courses in both the lecture and the studio formats. Courses will cover a wide range of topics designed to give the graduate a comprehensive and solid foundation in the profession of interior design.


Students will take three hours of elective courses. Several electives are provided by the Department of Interior Design. There are also other approved electives are from the course offerings from other colleges and departments within PMU. These electives will provide students with skills they will need to operate an interior design practice as a business, to work together with other professionals in the building industry, and to manage technical aspects of interior design.