Agriculture Assistant Drone
This project is mainly about a drone that detects the palm trees and count them with the help of camera, and applying the spraying operation with the help of a robotic arm adjusted on the top of the drone. Controlling these mechanisms of detecting and spraying will be conducted by the user while the drone is flying. The main purpose of this project is to help in create and develop a sustainable agriculture environment for the date palm trees to improve the production of the date fruits. Since Saudi Arabia is one of the famous regions that known of having a plenty of date palm trees, and there is no way for guarantee the number of palm trees per field as the technical way. By establishing this project will make it easier to count the number of the palm trees. First, by providing a ready-made drone, applying image recognition algorithms by using the high-level neural networks API known as keras with use of the google Collaborator which is supported by python. Spraying operation will be performed by the robotic arm that is using Arduino, pushbuttons, servo motors, and Xbee for transmitting/receiving the user requests. Performing this project will be very beneficial for the farming industry, because it is more efficient than manually counting, regarding time and power consuming.

Project Objectives

  • Help in improving agriculture environment facilities.​
  • Apply new technologies for estimating the number of palm trees in a field.​
  • Enhance people’s knowledge regarding different applications of drones.​
  • Contributing in creating sustainable palm tree fields, to protect and​ increase the economy of dates production.