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About Preparatory Program

In order to meet the high admissions standards of our degree programs, PMU offers a program of study for students who need additional preparation in the English language, mathematics, and study skills. The decision on whether or not the Preparatory Program is required depends on the results of placement tests administered by the Admissions Office at the time of registration.


The Preparatory Program begins the transition from high school to the rigor of a college program at PMU. It furthermore facilitates the transformation of its students into members of an energetic, goal-oriented, intellectual community who use a variety of effective academic skills and strategies and are committed to the learning process. Although it carries no academic credit, this intensive program establishes a crucial academic foundation – basic language and math competencies – necessary for students to succeed in the degree programs at PMU.

Sequence of Courses

The Preparatory Program classes build upon one another in a sequence. Students must internalize the subject matter, skills, strategies, and analytical attitudes of lower level classes before they can successfully participate in and benefit from higher level classes.

Program Goals

English as a Foreign Language (EFL): to prepare students for success in the English medium environment of PMU by developing strong English-language skills in academic reading, writing, speaking and listening. Mathematics: to enhance students’ understanding of mathematics in the English language as well as to prepare them for the study of college level mathematics. Theories and Applications of Learning I (Study Skills I): to develop self-directed, self- motivated, analytical students who employ a variety of effective learning skills and strategies in all their academic courses. Theories and Applications of Learning II (Study Skills II):to develop the technological skills essential for success in the degree programs.