About Interior Design

Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University (PMU) offers a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) degree in Interior Design. The program is offered to female students who are Saudi or non-Saudi nationals who qualify for admission. The Undergraduate Interior Design Curriculum provides learning experiences in the design of both residential and non-residential interior spaces.

The four-year PMU interior design program gives students the professional knowledge and skills they need to enter the profession of interior design. The Interior Design program will also serve as a preparation for Saudi women graduates to continue their studies in graduate schools offering advanced degrees in Interior Design or related areas.

The undergraduate Interior Design curriculum has been developed to address the need for preparing women as future leaders in the field of Interior Design in Saudi Arabia. Innovative graphic technologies and teaching methods have been proposed to contribute to the development of Interior Design knowledge.

The changing political, economic, and social climate in Saudi Arabia is moving toward providing increased employment opportunities for women. The Interior Design program at PMU provides learning experiences that can enable women to pursue careers in Interior Design and related areas such as manufacturing of design-related products. This degree will broaden the role of women in the workforce and the economic development of Saudi Arabia. Also, this area of study will provide a worthwhile and equitable future for PMU Interior Design graduates.