About Architecture

Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University (PMU) offers a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) degree in Architecture. The program is offered to male and female students who are Saudi or non-Saudi nationals who qualify for admission. The classroom experience for Architecture students will be highly student-centered, interactive, project-centered, and communicative. Courses will combine theoretical content with practical and design studio experience.

The five-year PMU Architecture program gives students the professional knowledge and skills they need to enter the profession of Architecture. While students completing architecture degrees at the PMU could certainly continue to graduate studies, the main emphasis in the architecture program is on the preparation of graduates for employment and licensing as professional architects. Graduates of the Department of Architecture will be self-directed, motivated, technically competent professionals with strong design skills, communication skills, capability for effective teamwork, and leadership.

The PMU program will focus upon two contemporary trends in architectural education and practice: 1) intensive focus on technology, especially digital technology, and 2) research-informed design and practice that is grounded in scientifically rigorous evidence.

Typical of architecture programs, the PMU architecture program will rely heavily upon studio courses that employ a project-based learning method. However, a distinguishing factor in the PMU program’s design studios is the reliance upon integrated studios that employ team teaching and student teams to collaboratively solve problems. Teams of instructors will be composed of individuals with distinctive specialties, enabling them to require students to make design decisions that optimize performance with respect to multiple disciplines.

These program characteristics are expected to enable graduates of the PMU architecture program to gain employment in leading architectural firms and contribute to architectural design projects that are globally exemplary.