Source of Students

PMU admits students according to the Saudi Arabian governing rules and regulation of higher education without regard to nationality geographical origin, or religion. Admission is only granted to students who can meet the competitive admission standards. Most students are secondary school graduates from the KSA studying for the university degree. Others include:
  • Saudi students in other countries who wish to complete their university studies in the Eastern Province.
  • Employed persons with high-school certificates who wish to pursue further university studies.
  • University graduates studying in selected masters degree programs.
  • Individuals in the business community who wish to sharpen their competencies in specialized areas.
  • Dependents of Expatriates who satisfy admission requirements.
  • Associate degree holder who wish to pursue university studies.
  • Transfer Students.

Student Gender

PMU admits both male and female students; however, the campus is divided into areas that maintain gender separation.

Admission Standard

PMU maintain highly competitive admissions standards as measured by an admission and an overview.

Residential Students

The initial classes of students commute to PMU from surrounding communities. In future years, it is expected that the student body will consist of approximately 70% commuting students and 30% of students living in student accommodations provided on a land a short distance from the main campus.