Strategic Plans

PMU Strategic Plan 2017-2021 under the theme: “Excellence and Beyond” aims to expand the scope of the university to “Research with Impact”. The progressive introduction of applied research to solve the persistent and eminent problems of the industry and the community PMU serves will be our next additional mission.

PMU is engaged in the journey of quality and excellence in every aspect of its processes and continues to push the boundaries of its comfort zone to serve tirelessly more and better its students and the KSA society. Besides, our vision for a brighter PMU is to develop students who are globally connected and to shape Global Citizens with the 21st century soft skills that crosscut and transcend the boundaries of disciplinary knowledge. PMU invested heavily in a varied living-learning environment for students. With that success as a backdrop, this plan calls for developing further competencies in our students who not only can work and live everywhere but they will be equipped with the skills that involve them in global issues with a refined humanitarian sense for tolerance, peace building, moderation, conflict resolution, poverty eradication, protection of the environment and sustainability.

Furthermore, the Saudi Vision 2030 offers a futuristic vision for incoming generation that will lessen dependence on oil and stimulate other sectors that rely essentially on highly qualified human resources in a knowledge economy. PMU, as a social responsible higher education institution, supports these aspirations towards the post-oil era and our current Strategic Plan 2017-2021 has taken into consideration the role and duties that should be played by the higher education sector at this turning point to contribute in the implementation of the strategic vision of the national transformation of the Kingdom.