Staff Qualifications

Research staff in each of the centers will have research experience at the academic level and, preferably, in the private sector as well. The degrees and experience required and duties for each research position will be as follows:


The Supervisor of Scientific Research, Supervisor of Applied Research, and Supervisor of Natural Science, Business, Humanities and Social Science Research will hold a PhD in a relevant area with a minimum of 10 years research experience beyond their terminal degree. The academic ranks of the Supervisors will not be less than an Associate Professor. They will oversee and be responsible for the general operation of the Center and the research activities within their respective areas. Working with the Head of DGSR the Supervisors will:

  1. Develop operational policies for their areas;

  2. Develop areas of focus for research and technology service;

  3. Manage the day-to-day activities for their units;

  4. Coordinate with the academic laboratories and facilities regarding the conduct of externally funded research or technology services;

  5. Work with the local and regional private sector interests to establish appropriate funded programs and projects for their centers;

  6. Provide support and advice as needed by the Head of the DGSR; and

  7. Perform any other duties required by the Head of the DGSR or Vice Rector of Academic Affairs.


Coordinators of the three research areas will require a Master’s degree or degrees in appropriate technical fields or engineering with a minimum of seven years’ experience beyond their final degree. This experience should be primarily in the private sector in the case of the Coordinator of General Research. The center coordinators will:

  1. Oversee and manage the day-to-day activities of their respective centers;

  2. Supervise and manage research and technology service programs;

  3. Carry out as required specific tasks individually or lead appropriate teams in carrying out those tasks;

  4. Work with the supervisor and other managers in developing programs of research and service with outside entities; and

  5. Perform such other duties as required by the supervisor or Head of DGSR.

Research Staff

Holders of these positions should have at a minimum a bachelor’s degree in a relevant technical or engineering field with a minimum of five years of experience in industry. Research staff will carry out actual research or technology service required in the externally funded projects, including but not limited to:

  1. Conducting studies, relevant research, and data gathering as required;

  2. Providing reports and other documentation as needed by clients of the DGSR;

  3. Participating in specific research or technology service projects as assigned by the coordinator;

  4. Working with the coordinator or coordinators in developing and providing input to new projects or tasks for the Center;

  5. Working with faculty and students as appropriate in carrying out research and technology service; and

  6. Performing such other tasks as appropriate within their centers or work units.

Technical Staff

Holders of these positions will possess a minimum of an associate (two-year) technical degree with a Bachelor’s degree and a minimum of five years’ experience in their field within industry or academia. The technical staff will:

  1. Maintain and operate specialized equipment as required by their centers

  2. Conduct experiments, data gathering, and analysis as required

  3. Work with faculty and students as appropriate in carrying out research and technology service

  4. Perform such other tasks and activities as appropriate within their centers or work units.