Students Metrics

Students' metrics are used to understand the profile of the student population at PMU. These metrics cover all the colleges across the institution and show trends in admission and enrollment, graduation as well as success and failure.

It includes the cumulative number of students per college. Also, it covers enrollment trends per college.

The dashboard indicates the cumulative number of students per major and Enrollment Trends per Major.

The dashboard shows the cumulative number of students per gender and enrollment trend per gender.

The figure illustrates Non-Saudi Students per Nationality and Gender.

The line charts show student admitted from international high schools per year and gender and students admitted from outside KSA per year and gender.

The chart shows the number of active students per class, college, major, and gender

The dashboard presents active and registered students, active and not-registered students, first time incoming undergraduate per college and major, and transfer per college and major.

The dashboard shows the attrition and retention per college, major, and year.

The line chart illustrates the graduation rates per college, major, campus, and year.